Patrik Johäll - a Swedish automotive / lifestyle / commercial photographer - shoots people, places and things, in a style that combines state-of-the-art technical proficiency with soulful style and creativity. Pursuing the image wherever it is found, on earth or in the sky, Patrik Johäll brings a rare amount of humility and common sense to his art. His creative and technical skills have made him highly sought after by a range of global clients.

Photography is both Patrik Johäll’s calling and his profession, but Patrik doesn’t so much photograph subjects as he captures the way they make us feel. He squeezes every ounce of perfection from each and every shot, but considers humor, compassion and curiosity to be just as important as lights and lenses. Patrik is continually helping clients to evolve their vision, using his creativity and technical prowess to ensure that every client’s story gets told in the best way possible.

I talk in images, bringing moments to attention by creating them in scenes that look just like life, only a bit more.

Scenes are like memories or ambitions – they represent what has happened or will happen, but they are more feelings than facts.

Often imagery tends to happens from a distance, a camera is always outside the scene. But my mind is inside, looking out, inviting the viewer to be part of the moment.

The perfect or perfectly imperfect image exists beyond the division between the documentary and the constructed. It is a reality in its own. And as the perfect moment is the desire of everyone, anyone can be part of my scenes. I rarely share words, but I share my mind. Welcome.

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