Creative Direction

Brand building rests on the direction of design and marketing practices – and their combined effects. In order to tackle clients’ needs for structured and comprehensive efforts, Superstudio provides an independent art direction department with capacity to guide clients throughout the journey from establishing the brand platform to campaigns and launches.

“To get maximum results from communication requires a coherent process, from bland platform to individual communication efforts. The combined effects of a well-honed message are well proven and it doesn’t matter if the brand is a local player or a global entity. Sharp design tools need strong design management.” Niklas Martinson, Art Director

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen delivers bespoke audio solutions suited to all occasions and needs. We created images for the Beosound A1 campaign.


Baybring is a smart davit system that allows seafarers to bring their Jetski or RIB on-board. The craft sits safely under way, yet allows for easy and quick launch and landing. Superstudio was assigned to create a name for the company and a visual identity. 


Blåkläder’s been making professional workwear since 1959. Today Blaklader is one of Sweden’s leading producers of heavy working clothes.
Our assignment was to create a campaign idea to show the work wear’s versatility by telling the story of real workers around the globe. We started in Scotland.

LJ Labs

LJ Labs works with Nano-Engineered products that protects gel-coat and paint against the harsh Scandinavian environment. Products that repels water, oil, dirt and UV and leaves a super hydrophobic surface. Superstudio was assigned to create LJ Labs visual identity.

Ludvig Svensson

Svensson dresses public rooms with aesthetical and functional textiles giving the user a creative environment. Their range includes fabrics for curtains, upholstery and solar control with a strong element of Scandinavian design. Superstudio is assigned to create campaigns for launching new products.